The Journey of Design Collaborative

To create an environment that reflects you is the goal of Design Collaborative. For many years, those environments included interiors; commercial and residential spaces in need of interior design and decorating services. But there was much more to come!


creation of design collaborative: Events

The events portion of Design Collaborative evolved over time. Interior design clients loved the aesthetic of their interiors and inquired about decor for parties. These requests grew into the need for more event services and larger parties; word of mouth referrals became trusted testimonials and the business took shape. Today, Design Collaborative: Events is an established full-service event company with a reputation for flawless execution and attention to detail.




Looking into the future, Design Collaborative will continue to create experiences, not just events, melding our client’s vision into reality. 

Design collaborative

Design Collaborative, our parent company, has provided design services to educational institutions, the bank industry as well as high end residential.

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